January 19, 2017

How to Import Dream League Soccer Logo kit

 How to Import Dream League Soccer Logo kit

Hello my friends whats up ? i hope you be ok today i will talk about somthing is very important for any one love game soccer so alot of people search about how they can import logo to soccer game i hope you understand my topic

here you are !

Allright, today I want to talk about how to import logo of your team player. Importing logo is not difficult. I am sure some of you know already, but maybe some of newbies need the info.  You just need to follow few simple steps below.
Ok, Here are the steps to import logo:
  1. Open your game of dream league soccer
  2. Choose my club
  3. Choose import logo
  4. Place the Logo URL of your team
  5. Choose accept
 So its will be downloading.  It is easy to do, isn't it ?.  

Do you find the Logo URL you want to choose ?.  Below are some for you.  I may put some more logos, I will update this page whenever I have time

i hope you love it ! IF you have any questions leave a comment and i will reply 
good bye

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